Saved color palette in engagement editor

Currently the engagement editor has a palette of about 30 default colors that can be easily applied. It would be nice to enter hex codes that match the theme of our product and save these into this color palette to allow easily applying colors for text, headers, buttons, etc.

Hi @ArthurVV ,


I do see the need for this. We are working on an initiative called Global CSS, with the help of which you can control the styling in all Templates. Once, the templates are updated, engagements are all about replacing content in templates according to the engagement use-case. Given Global CSS would be coming, do you feel you would still need recently used colour palette?




@aharkut I could still see saved color palettes as useful in some cases but if there are Global overrides that apply styling to all templates it’s probably much less common. My concern would be Global CSS being dependent on users knowing CSS, vs a more WYSIWYG or configuration based approach.