Sally for Microsoft Teams

As some organizations are starting to move away from Slack and onto Microsoft Teams, it would be great to have the Sally functionality available there as well. How can we get this on the roadmap?
Hi Dawn,

Sally on Microsoft Teams is on the Roadmap but the priority is not very high. We would continue to gauge customer interest for this integration for reviewing the priority from time to time. Meanwhile, we are planning to release Sally on Gainsight Web UI to provide a conversational interface within Gainsight itself.

Interested in Sally for Teams as well


I was wondering if Sally for Teams has been put in to testing or production?  Thank you.


We do have plans to take Sally to Microsoft teams, but it will likely happen in Q2 (May-Jul) 2020.

We want to enhance Sally before we take it to a new platform, and hence the delay.




Any update on Sally for Teams?



@trevor_shand Sorry for the delay. We still have it in our roadmap. I will update you soon with a timeline for this.


Just discovered the power of Sally in Slack. As our mother company is standardized on Microsoft Teams, it would be great to have this functionality available there as well.

Hi All,

We are interested in this feature as well as we are an all Microsoft organization. 



@Jef Vanlaer @cnichols thanks for letting us know. 

Any new updates on bringing Sally to Teams? 

@rishi you can expect Sally in MS Teams early next year!

I am a new Gainsight admin and we are just kicking off our project in the next few weeks.  We are a full Microsoft tech stack and we use Teams across our organization.  I was interested to know the latest on this thread to find out if Teams functionality is coming soon?

@tmorgan welcome to Gainsight!! We still do not have an ETA on implementing Sally for MS teams yet.

Any eta on this?

@johntrask_bt  and others in this thread - I have some good news to share. Gainsight Sally App will be introduced in Microsoft teams in the next couple of releases. Development for this has already started.

Hello everyone, Sally in Microsoft team is live now. Please refer to this article to learn more.

@rahul_prayakarao  I have several users starting to get value out of the new Gainsight Sally for MS Teams feature already.  They are really loving it and I think it is going to help me to drive overall adoption for Gainsight.  Thanks so much for delivering on this feature!