Salesforce to Timeline set default value for Notes

When syncing Salesforce activity to Timeline, records that do not have a value in Description/Comments will fail because It is mapping to Notes in the Timeline Activity which is a required field. It fails because Notes has to have a value in order to save.


If there was a way to provide a default value for Notes when the incoming record from SFDC has a null value for Description, that would make it easier to sync data without having to find records in the logs that failed and update. Having the option to set default in the job setup would allow for a default Notes value specific to the type of Salesforce activity being synced.

@john_apple sorry for the inconvenience, we understand the issue here. 

What value do you think it would be correct to provide while sync? 

This type of requests can be considered based upon multiple customers interest. @All Please consider for up-voting if you are interested. 

What value do you think it would be correct to provide while sync? 


Ideally -- we’d be able to input text to be as a default. For instance, if I’m syncing in Call Tasks from SFDC, I would be able to enter a default note for any records that are missing description and I would type in something like “Logged Call from Salesforce Activity”

@john_apple Typically do calls or meeting have empty notes? Is the purpose if such activities is just to know if the call/ meeting happened? 

@nitisha_rathi It does happen. For example, there are some 3rd party integrations that will load to Task but not populate the description field always since it is not a required field. Such Tasks are typically, like you guessed, serve to log that an activity took place.

@john_apple Got it. We have intentionally added this limitation to control the noise coming into Timeline. We wanted to preserve the rich information in Timeline along with giving an option to bring it data from Salesforce activities. Having said that, we are brainstorming on how to remove these limitations while limiting the noise. We will keep you posted on it.


any updates on this? Our users in Salesforce typically log calls with a subject and leave the description/note field blank.

Ideal would be to allow the Gainsight admins to decide on this themselves by using the filters in the Salesforce Activity Job settings. There we should be able to filter “note” != null to exclude tasks without notes.

Please fix this, executives at my org are so disappointed in this limitation that I fear we may move away from Gainsight. I reckon 50% of activities fail to sync as the description is blank.

@duncan.young We have an existing workaround for this scenario - in case there is no value in ‘description’ field, the subject will be copied in ‘notes’ section and the sync will work as expected.

@Bhawya FYI this support article could probably use an update to reflect that workaround is now in place; it still lists that the sync will fail if the description is NULL.  


  • If the description field for SFDC Tasks and Events is null, then those records will not be synced to the Activity Timeline.

Integrate Salesforce Activities in Gainsight Timeline - Gainsight Inc.

Hi @Bhawya 


Bumping this thread with my customer’s use case. 


Our Sales team works exclusively in Salesforce, and our CS team is desperate for visibility into the meetings held with current customers. I've added a Job called Activities to our Salesforce Integration under Timeline configuration to make this happen.


The limitation I'm seeing is that Gainsight won't pull in every activity because the Description field on the Salesforce side is blank. This is not a required field for Sales to complete as we have other custom fields.  It looks like the Description field is absolute required by Gainsight.