Salesforce Lightning for Outlook Integration

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Currently our CSMs can create email activities in Salesforce using Lightning for Outlook, or BCC'ing an email address.  This functionality does not work with Gainsight, and we are requesting it as an enhancement.  If Gainsight should truly hold all the notes and communication with the client, the CSMs should have an easy way to save emails and attachments from Outlook.  
Hi Angela, this is a very high demand request (good thread here: and we have our developers working on this. It's on our nearer term roadmap, but no specific ETA at this time. 
Thank you for sharing.  I created a separate thread because our need is for this to map to an activity in timeline instead of a CTA.
Really glad to hear this is being worked on!
Glad to hear that! It's precisely what we're working on - creating a Timeline activity from an email.

And then once the Timeline entry is in the system - you can use rules to create CTAs, set health score, update other data, etc.
Sounds wonderful!  Looking forward to this release.
Hi Dan, Unfortunatly I can't access the thread you're pointing to. I'm very interested an integration to deduplicate work I'm doing in outlook and getting it logged in gainsight activities.

Looking forward learning what kind of integration you're working on.

Hi Dietrich, try that link again. We had a tagging issue that hid the thread but it's been resolved now.