Salesforce Implementation Project Contact Strategies


I have been discussing the available options for adding additional contact lookup fields within an Implementation Project with our Salesforce team. However, in doing so, I'm wondering if there

is a way in Gainsight to pull contacts from more than just 1 field.

For example, in my attached screenshot, you are able to

select the specific contact field you are looking to pull from, but is

there a way to add additional drop-down menus to say "Contact 1 and

Contact 2 and Contact 3", if that makes sense? So that we can pull

multiple contact lookups and send to more than just one contact per


Let me know if I can help clarify any of the above!


Hi Melissa Ranney,

No, we don't have anything as such right now. Could you please elaborate the use case of having more than one lookup field to the Contact object?. aren't we getting all the Contacts from single lookup?

Thanks in advance,

In my example above, the specific 'Contact' field within an Implementation Project only allows for one contact. However, if we were to create additional Contact fields (Contact 2, Contact 3, etc.), we were looking for a way where we could pull each additional contact as well.

Let me know if this helps.

So basically send the same message to multiple contacts at the same company?
Makes sense, Melissa. We currently extract only one Contact per row/record, whereas your use-case requires extracting multiple. I'm wondering, though, how many Contacts do you typically capture this way? There are obvious scalability considerations -- similar to capturing multiple internal Users as separate fields vs. creating an Account Team. Also, if you do manage actively at the Implementation Project level, we could explore Relationships, too. We have a notion of Relationship Contacts there that breaks it down to one row/record per associated/relevant Contact.