Rules Engine - Call to Action

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I have a customer that is seeing a specific scenario when using the Call to Action (Action) in rules engine.

They have an account that is sending two (or more) records to the action step.

The way it currently works, if an account meets the criteria for Action 1, it will then use that first record and discard the rest for that account.

In this case they want it to work as if the first record can create the CTA and then (comments set to always update) update the comments with the second record information per the setup. Right now it just sees the first record and moves on from there.

Hi Cameron, I might not be fully following your example flow, but keep in mind that each record that is generated as an output of the setup rule step is consumed by the setup action step one record at a time and without evaluating conditions in other output rows of data.

Without knowing the exact specifics of the use case, I suspect there's an opportunity to craft some filters and fetch tasks in the setup rule step to get smaller subset output rows that could then be used in different setup action steps (using different setup rule tasks as the source input).

I implemented something like this for one of our customers, and it works well. It's a little complex, but the key thing they need to do is have a way to identify the sequential records they're presumably wanting to populate with each new comment. Here's an instructional video I made on that to get started:

Hi Dan - the use case is basically, if I need to create a CTA when customer usage drops, and multiple measures drop for a single customer at the same time, I don't want to create a separate CTA for each Usage Type. In order to address this, I have to create a separate Setup Action for each Usage Type. When the first CTA is created by Action 1, then Action 2, 3, 4, etc will map to that original CTA and update the comments.

But if there was a way that a single Setup Action could handle this, that would reduce the amount of effort to build and maintain rules.

Interesting use case. Have you sketched out in excel or word the filter rules and comments you'd be appending for actions 2, 3, 4, etc? I'm particularly interested in how you'd handle the various combinations of potential scenarios. For example, low usage in the following patterns:

* 1, 2, 3, 4

* 2, 4

* 4


They're basically all the same criteria except for the usage type. I believe it will work as follows

1, 2, 3 ,4 - 1 creates CTA, 2-4 updates

2, 4 - 1 is skipped, 2 creates CTA, 3 is skipped, 4 updates CTA

4 - 1-3 skipped, 4 creates CTA

The clone feature does help, but just seems like a lot to maintain if a single Setup action could determine if the CTA was already created within the same action, where the criteria is all the same except for one variable.

But would the text inserted (or appended) to the comment field be the same for each step or would the first comment added to a CTA need to be different than any subsequent comments appended?

It might help me better understand if you could share the actual proposed comments that you'd insert (or append) at each step.

The comments are the same, just tokenized.