Rules Engine: Allow rules in a Rule Chain to run historically

It is kinda painful to have to remove rules from a rule chain if you need to run them historically (to repopulate or clean up erroneous data).  We need the ability to run rule chain rules historically without removing them from the Rule Chain, editing the schedule, waiting for them to all complete, then adding back to a Rule Chain.
Definitely valuable addition. 
Agreeing with Jeff, and inquiring if there's any update or plans to permit historic runs of Rule Chains.

I'm cleaning some data, and need to "backcast" the last 12 months of data generated by a Rule Chain that typically runs weekly. I'm using Jeff's strategy of removing all Rules from the Rule Chain, running the individual Rules historically, then placing them back into the Rule Chain. It would be helpful not to have to perform this temporary de-construction (which is always subject to not getting re-constructed perfectly) when this need arises.
Any updates on this ask?

Similar to what Matthew mentioned, I need to run a rule chain to back populate usage data and there doesn't appear to be a way to do this directly from the rule chain scheduler (even though you can enter previous dates in the start/end date fields).

I'll employ the strategy listed earlier, but it would be valuable for rule chains to have the same set of capabilities as stand alone rules and have the checkbox to run them historically.