Rule Setup Action Load to SFDC Object (NPS Survey Responses) Possible?

Hi all,

we track NPS data in our saas tool and I tried to implement the reports in Gainsight but we are not able to fit the requirements for the NPS Survey Responses object. (account Id etc) 

I uploaded the NPS data to an NPS raw object in Gainsight. I used a bionic rule to transform the data BUT I'm not able to load this data to the NPSSurvey Responses object. This object is not available in the settings for action type "Load to SFDC object".

Do you have an idea how to load this data to the NPS Survey Responses object??

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Christian I went through the same exercise as you. It seems like right now the only way possible is by following these steps:

I haven't tried the steps yet as we are planning internally on how to proceed, but it seems like maybe just the screenshots are outdated for the Survey creation part. It would be great if we had an action to load the data appropriately as that would mean I could feed the NPS data via S3 and then load it into the proper objects.

Hope that helps!

Hi Marcelo,

thanks for your fast replay. I know this website but we don't have all required fields in our dataset. I have to export some data from Salesforce and merge it with our NPS data in Excel to create the correct dataset for the upload.

Hi Christian - did you make sure that you added the NPS Survey Responses object to the Permissions - Rules Load Actions page in the Rules Engine? 
Christian -- this is a 3-year+ conversation...

100% agree with you that this is an extremely valid and important use case.
Hi Jeffrey,

thanks for this. I didn't find this post and yes this would be extremly helpful!
Hi Christian, we understand your concern,currently we don't support loading to Gainsight objects. 

Since the functionality is working as expected and I see its a request for new feature,changing this to an Idea post. 

Thanks for posting

Thanks for sharing. We will explore the possibility of enabling this in rules so that you can load data into NPS Responses. Meanwhile , did you get a chance to look at this -


Abhishek S
Abhishek -- this works fine for a batch load, especially for historical data. But for ongoing surveys leveraging integrations that already bring the survey responses back into SFDC this kind of load is just extra work... which means it doesn't happen consistently or in the timelines that are really needed.
I agree. Not being able to use a rule to load to the NPSSurvey object in SFDC makes it difficult to use 3rd party SFDC connectors. I have multiple clients who are using SFDC integrations to load their survey data to SFDC custom objects. Having the ability to then load the data to the NPSSurvey object would allow customers to also fully use the reporting capabilities in the GS Survey feature.

Hi Christian,

We are building a separate functionality to import Third party NPS for Survey 2.0. For 1.0 please refer the link that Abhishek shared. 

Thanks Piyush for this update.

Hopefully this will make things easier.

Sorry other topic but will Sally use also the new funtionality?