Reusable Survey Link Associated to Account/Contact

Hello! My team has a feature request for Surveys.


Currently, you need to use non-anonymous surveys to track the account/contact submitting the survey. We are rolling out a self-assessment survey, similar to Gainsight's O2 framework, as a pre-requisite for Success Planning. We would like to offer this to customers with a reusable link but associate to the account/contact after the survey submission, which is not available today.


We will be proactively sharing this with our dedicated CSM and Low Touch customers via programs/email assist. However, we would also like to publish in additional places so all customers, including Tech Touch, can find/submit organically. Ideally, we would like to post a reusable link in-app (via Pendo), our customer training site, and emails sent outside of Gainsight.


Thank you :)

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