Retention Analysis Needs More than First Time Users

As a product manager, I want my cohorts to include any user that completed a visit so that I can see how ongoing development is improving the retention of those customers.


I’m having difficulty using the Retention Analysis because the cohorts are always filtered down to just the first time users. While this is useful on it’s own, it does not give me a picture of how well my ongoing development is going. Let’s say that the 1 week retention rate of a particular feature is 20% for all customers. I interpret this as there isn’t a lot of value for a user to visit it once a week. I decide that I want to invest some development time in this feature, I use some of the other gainsight tools such as a funnel to determine where I am seeing dropoffs, and I do some customer interviews. Because I don’t have the current users of that feature, I won’t know if I have increased the value for the current customers.

Thanks for the post. Assigning it to our product manager to see how we can take this feedback forward.