Retention Analysis Drilldown

Hello, recently I demoed the Rentention Analysis report to an E level group, and they brought up the idea that it would be beneficial to see the users in the specific weeks as a drilldown. For example, within this set:



We’d like to see the users themselves that fell into that week, to further identify other traits they may share. Is that possible, and I’m just missing a function?

@cjacksonfe thank you for sharing your request here. I will check the possibilities and get back to you. 

Hi @cjacksonfe ,
This is on our near term roadmap. Will keep you posted!

Hi @Chandu, are there any news related to the implementation of this feature. It would be very useful for us too.

Hi @dorian_cudina 
Sorry to keep you and others waiting. This is very likely to come in our next release in March.
In January we’re getting the Query Builder drill down.

Hi @dorian_cudina 
Just wanted to update you and others that we are unable to release Retention drill down in March due to unexpected and unfortunate macro impact that is currently taking the headlines everyday. Hope to do it with April release.