Restrict ability to delete CTAs


Bringing forth an idea brought to me via the support channel - are we able to restrict certain end user's ability to delete CTAs? I understand these are embedded within a Visualforce page, but it may be beneficial to limit some users ability to delete CTAs, based on profile or permission set etc.

Are there any technical limitations to this?

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I am also surprised that SFDC's profile settings don't get respected.

Apparently this is something other users flagged 2 years ago. Please see the following post:

This just recently came up for us, too.  We do not want our end users to have the ability to delete CTAs.  Commented on the other post, as well.
Hi Everyone, We are in process of building the permissions framework, We will consider this usecase while building. Thanks for posting 
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We need the ability to only let administrators delete CTAs.  We would like our reps to close the CTAs and not delete them.
Hey guys, following up to see if there are any updates here. I have been speaking with a customer who would also like the ability to remove "delete" CTA function for those who are not Gainsight Admins
Following to see to updates as well.

I tryed the news to the sharing framework but it doesn't work against delete.

I wanted to follow up on Olavo's last response. He and I discussed this topic recently in a support ticket, and after running this topic by Gainsight Config resources it was suggested that we look in to Role Based Rules via Administration/Gainsight Sharing Settings. The rub here is that I don't think that this function currently has the level of granularity needed to restrict certain user groups access to certain UI buttons. I just wanted to pose this question to the community since I myself have limited background in configuring Role based rules - could this be possible and if so could we look at possibly charting out a use case?