Restore the color blocks in Scorecard Mass Edit view in Horizon Analytics

I think some of the changes made to the Scorecard Mass Edit visualization in Horizon Analytics are great, particularly the combining of setting the score and logging a timeline entry in a single action. 

The changes to the score display (captured below), however, is not eliciting much favor from the users with whom we shared this yet.  

It was easier to compare columns side by side at a quick glance because the format was the same and there wasn't any wasted/white space. 

From an internal leader:  “I understand the idea behind a ‘streamlined / minimalist’ design, but this particular feature used to benefit from "at a glance" visibility into how a customer was doing. This reduced footprint for the health score color means I have to physically trace across the customer and can no longer benefit from ‘at a glance’ sense of the business. White space does not add value.”

Hoping others out there share this sentiment and that GS will provided a restored view that shows the blocked colors but retains the functionality of setting a manual score/Timeline entry in the same action.



@darkknight We are on the lookout for similar feedback, and if enough people feel the same way, we’ll provide the option to switch over to the older view.




@shantan_reddy  we aren’t asking for a switch back to the older view… we are asking for the current functionality but instead of the little colored bubbles, fill the whole block with the color.  I’m not sure I understand why filling the whole block is a problem? It’s a crisper visual experience to fill the whole block, and for all blocks to be the same style. The white space doesn’t add any value to this view and actually detracts from the visual flow.

@darkknight We made the UX decision based on feedback from multiple customers that the mass edit reports feels too heavy. Also, users wanted to be easily distinguish between groups and measures. That is why we want to await more feedback on this before we make changes.

We have taken note of your feedback and will definitely look into this.




I agree with @darkknight that the white space is a bit distracting when comparing it to how we're used to viewing the scores. It felt easier to compare scores and colors in the old view versus the new -- is there a way you could maybe minimize the white space?

I agree with the need for full color blocking. On the second screenshot if I’m scrolling, I feel like I lose track of which row I’m following due to the white space.  It’s easier to follow when the colors/scores are actually connected. 

Nailed it @darkknight - and @Robert_DeLaO 

Working remote on just my laptop only exacerbates the issue.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. We are actively monitoring all feedback on this, and will take a call once we have had a few more roll-outs.




@shantan_reddy - you’ve got 18 votes on this so far. That should be enough to warrant a second look. All the whitespace in the new design is just not great.  Can there be a compromise somewhere?

:point_right:@darkknight :point_left:  Spot on.  

@darkknight @davebrown2242 We will definitely consider this. We are very busy with other items at the moment, and it will take some time.

We will also try to find a quick compromise meanwhile.

FYI @Chinmay Chawade