Responsive Engagement Configuration For When Shown Screen is Resized Or Is Small

Typically PX Engagements retain their original size as shown in the editor, which is then shown to end users.

At times if a tooltip is left or right position biased , and being close to the viewport edge of an engagement creator’s screen,  if an end user viewing it has a smaller screen in the end, things can go off the viewport like below.


It is desired to have some configuration to control over the responsiveness aspect of engagements. Maybe if the screen is two small, go ahead and do word wrap to fit or remove an image within the engagement or remove certain text as things get smaller. etc.

@kevin_ly thank you for bringing this up here. We will get back to you with the possibilities here. 

@Namrata Mitra  Have we considered this for our new engagement experience

We just ran into this issue. I understand that we can manually edit each engagement to position the tooltip that will keep it on the screen. However, this should not be needed. For example, in @kevin_ly ‘s screenshot, the tooltip could display if automatically shifted to the bottom left position. Shifting and resizing tooltips automatically would be good and save the effort for manually testing and adjusting.