Resolve PX Dashboard drag-and-drop behavior

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The PX Dashboard user experience could be significantly improved by changing the system behavior when resorting dashboard widgets. Currently, after relocating a widget, all other dashboard widget positions are shifted/reorganized in a frustrating manner that PX support has confirmed is not a bug. Please refer to the attached video for an example, where you will see the widgets are to be organized sequentially, but upon moving the “Engagement 1” widget into the desired position, all other widgets must be resorted to revert back to sequential order. 

This makes the process unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming. Instead, it would be great if the surrounding widgets could be shifted or pushed aside in a typical drag-and-drop manner to make space for the relocated widget as we see in CS. This change would make managing a PX dashboard much more efficient. 

Video demo:


P.S. Special thanks to Srinivas Myakala with GS Support for assistance with this recording!


YES!   This is maddening behavior.   I also particularly despise where you have several 2-column wide widgets stacked vertically (such as funnel reports), and then add a 1-column wide widget, and instead of filling the space at the top of the dashboard, it goes WAYYYYYY down to the bottom below the fold and has to be dragged through scrolling back up to the top.

100% @rterakedis! The PX dashboard experience leaves much to be desired. :(