Resize the KC bot close button

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Users complain the X close button in the KC bot is too small and they are having a hard time closing it. Please allow me the ability to set a size for the close button. Alos, allow me to set its color as well.

There are several sizes of “X” that you can choose from

@mmarques where do I select the size of X for a KC bot?

@amadeo - Go to CSS and change the background size of the .px-close button.

I have the following for mine: 
.px-close-button {
  background-size:40px 40px;

Not sure if you can change the color.

@amadeo - Here is where you can select the “X” in a KC bot. I think that they are different sizes.



@ejung - Where do you set the CSS for a KC bot? I would love to be able to control branding by CSS! Instead, I have detailed instructions for the team on how to select all the right colors and other settings. 

@amadeo @mmarques - I was wrong. There is no CSS for the KC bot. 

Looks like some of the KC bot editing settings (including the different X styles) are not available if you embed the KC bot.


When not embedded, the X replaces the badge icon. If you are embedding, can you add your own control that closes the bot? 

@mmarques thank you for the suggestions, although they won’t work for us. We use an embedded KC bot, which also has a tiny X to close in the top right corner of the KC bot.

@amadeo - I didn’t realize that embedded has an X in the upper right. I actual have an idea in Community to add an X in the upper right. That X is not yet part of non-embedded, and everyone is initially confused by having to look below.