Required CTA field on creation

Right now you can mark a CTA field as mandatory for when you close but I got a request from a customer to have the requirement when you create a CTA manually. The use case is to have CSMs be required to enter or select a Product from a picklist when creating or updating of a CTA or Objective.

Hi Alex,

Thanks a lot for sharing this use-case. Are these mandatory fields required for all CTA types or only for specific ones? Also how would this work when updating a CTA? (Do you mean that these fields cannot be empty at any point of time?)



@alex_legay please reply to @aditya_marla 

I’ll defer to @lesliesmith to confirm the below.

It may be dependent on the type but I suppose giving the option to have it to for each type would be the most flexible.

In the specific scenario, I think it be always required even when updating the CTA.

Got it….so basically the fields cannot be empty at any point of time

I just ran into this myself. Use case is that the CTA is being used to request help from another internal team within Gainsight. We want to make additional fields required just on this CTA type so that the team gets all of the info that they need to fulfull the request, but we can’t do that.

This would be great to have along side “Close Mandatory”. For objectives, we want to require a custom field for “initial value” and for “target value” at the time of creation, but there is no way to enforce that

We would also like to be able to require fields on Objectives to track target values and value information.