Request: Add the Feedback tab to the KC Bot unified tab layout

We would like to use the Feedback feature in the KC unified tab layout. It would be great if the user could click “Feedback”

 and the Feedback form shows as a second page like the image below

Please let me know if this will be possible. We would like to collect feedback after implementation, which is happening soon.

Hi @amadeo - we acknowledge this and are exploring what is the right way to bring the Feedback on unified screen. Happy to get your inputs:


  1. Should it be part of the list of the content - and be able to place it at the top or bottom or somewhere in the mid
  2. Do you feel it would be better in footer of the Bot which is always sticky. Eg: Slack


Or any other position where you see is more effective for Feedback to get more visibility and increase its adoption.



No StatusAcknowledged

Let me reorder it like any other list item in the content. if other users like the sticky bottom, then a toggle in the settings to anchor it, but still give me the option.

Hi @aharkut. I forgot to mention you in my post ☝🏻.

Thanks for the input @amadeo - will take this further accordingly.