Reports and Dashboards: Develop a way for CSMs to attach their own reports to a dashboard Layout

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It seems a bit clunky to have end users be able to create their own reports, but have no dashboard to organize them so that they don't have to go back to R2.0 every time they want to run a single report. 


to the way the Customers tab has a default "My Customers" view,

I should be able to create a My Dashboard layout under the Gainsight tab which

includes the ability for an end user to attach reports that he/she created without

having to go into Administration and design a new layout.

Thanks for your feedback. For the initial release(Tentative ETA is Feb ), non-admin users will not have the ability to create dashboards of their own. We will however consider your feedback post the initial release.

Hi Sumesh,

Is it still under consideration to allow end users to create a personalized dashboard using pre-fab or ad-hoc reports?

Updated idea statusWorkaround AvailableImplemented

Users can now be assigned End user Dashboard builders with a limited amount of functionality