Reports: Allow relabel of report detail headings

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It would be helpful to be able to relabel the headings that display when you drill down into graph report, especially when you have fields with the same name that are pulled as a result of multiple lookups.


This list above is derived from clicking a data point on a report that shows Relationships by CSM.

I want to be able to show the CSM Name, the name of the Customer and the name of the Relationship when they click on a data point.

I end up performing the following lookups:

lookup to User::Name (for CSM Name)

lookup to Company::Name (for Customer Name)

lookup to Relationship::Name (for the Relationship Name)

Because I cannot appear to relabel them in the drill down display, all three columns are labeled "Name"

This request is somewhat related to
I have been looking for this for awhile!
Totally agree with this suggestion!

I will now tack on my "report detail enhancement requests" and ride the coattails of Kirkpatrick's post! ;-)

Preserve report details when the report changes -- Unless I've changed the base object, the detail report should continue to work.

Let me reorder those columns -- because sometimes (ok... most of the time!) the database order doesn't make sense.

Let me specify the correct sort order and direction (at least 2, preferably 3 selections!)

Let me define a standard detailed result set that can be applied acrossĀ reports for the same the base object

Expand the linking capability to include any SFDC reference -- most commonly this comes up for Opportunities.

Make the box bigger -- I don't want to see what's behind that details box if it means seeing less of what'sĀ [i]in the box!

Make it faster to pull those details up
This appears to be the same issue as this: - maybe they can be merged?