Reports 2.0: Provide a function to disable the "auto run" capability of a report when pulled up in

When I pull up a report from the repository in Reports 2.0, it automatically tries to run the report and pull data.  Sometimes these reports are utilized primarily on the C360 page where the expectation is that it would typically only run for a single customer - but in R2.0 the criteria opens it up for a much broader search.  This can mean a lengthy delay in the time it takes to run ["Please wait while we crunch your data"] when all I may want to do is tweak the filter or other criteria.

Basically what I'm trying to say is I don't want the reports to immediately run automatically when I pull them up because I may just want to make a change to the criteria.  Give me the option of disabling auto-run and manually trigger a run once I have had a chance to tweak the criteria.
Thanks for your feedback, Jeff! Adding your suggestion to roadmap for prioritisation.
Any update on this?  It's very time consuming.
I face the same challenge. Like this suggestion. I am going to put in engineering sprint post May release (that's completely locked). 
I would say give me the same option too when I'm adding filters and fields.  Allow me to set the fields I want to set, THEN give me the option to APPLY ALL.
I believe we already do this while adding / edit any show or group by field. You need to explicitly hit apply. We'll look to do this for initial load and filters
yes, apologies I primarily meant filters (in addition to initial load).  It's still early for me. 🙂
np. thanks again for the suggestion and follow up
Any updates on timelines for this feature?
Any updates on this?
Has anyone looked at this in a while?
We are planning to disable "auto run" of the report by default when a user clicks on a report in the report repository and instead take the user to the report configuration. There she would get to modify the report if needed and then apply (run) or save as per the her need.

This is not planned for Spring 17. I will update here again on the ETA.