Reports 2.0: Change of chart type defaults chart fields

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The admin creates a bar chart and within the chart adds the fields the user will want to see when clicking on the bar chart. I normally add about 8-10 fields after the default just gives me what I have added on the show me section.

Now the exec comes by and says they want a pie chart as appose to the bar chart. I simply change the chart from bar to pie under select visualisation type. But when I now click on the pie chart all the fields I had chosen have defaulted back to the basic fields and so I have to re-add the fields? DOH! 

Request here would be to leave the fields chosen static once added no matter what chart views we change it to once its added! 

Thanks for the valuable feedback! We will fix this in one of the upcoming release.

Marking this thread "implemented" as this issue should be fixed by now.