Reporting on success plan temaplates

Hello team,

As of now, we do not have any field in the success plan object to report on the success plan templates. This would be great to add as we also do not have any workarounds available for now.



+1000 we do a lot with success plan templates, and it’s a huge pain point to have to do a data designer across 3 objects to be able to get to which template is used with which plan.  It seems like a core reporting need was missed with moving this object over to MDA.  As we continue to expand success plan usage across our org, this pain is only going to increase.



There needs to be a flattened Success Plan object that includes all the things - templates, playbooks, tasks, objectives, all the dates, etc.

And please include, at a per template level not just by inference on what it is attached to, if that template is at the Company, Relationship and/or Global level. And if it is active or not.

@Anil Raj Pujari could you pl take a look