Reporting on Multi-Select Picklist Fields

We have 6 multi-select picklist fields we are currently using to track feature limitations that are blocking our customers from moving to the next generation of our product. These fields represent 6 main product lines and have anywhere from 3-16 feature options each. I have a few requests from our team to report on these items in the following formats...

1. A pie or bar chart showing the total number of accounts that have each feature selected

2. Report of the top 5 features across all 6 product lines

The issues I'm running into are 1. These are 6 different fields and 2. Gainsight doesn't allow us to group by or aggregate multi-select fields. The only reporting option I've been able to come up with is just adding all 6 fields in the 'show me' section of a report along with Account Name and enabling row grouping by account. The only way I see today to show a count by feature is to filter by an individual feature and create a widget for each one....which isn't really an option because there are too many to even put them all on one dashboard. Other thoughts/ideas to better report on these fields? I'm open to creating new fields/formats if needed, I just don't want to go to all that work for an experiment that may or may not give me what I need. Also, any info from Gainsight as to WHY we don't have more options to maniputale and report on multi-select fields?

Hi Katie, Thanks for bringing this up! we have added this to our road-map, will update here once we consider this feature for release.


Happy posting!

I am really happy to have found this post. We recently transitioned our Enhancements Request process into a series of multi-select picklist, before realizing how limited Gainsight's reporting capabilities are in this area. Now we feel stuck.

Our goal is to create visual reports (pie charts, stacked column, heat maps, etc.) from these fields, to help us identify themes. Thank you for having this on the roadmap already, but feel free to reach out if you would like to understand our use case more thoroughly.

That would really help us with reporting! There should be a way....

Adding multi-select is great...just need the reporting to follow...

Hi @sai_ram is there any update on adding this feature to the product? Thank you very much,

@sacha We are exploring some options here, this might be a medium-term item.


If the timeline does not match, you can maybe check if pivoting in rules can solve your use-case. 

@sacha We are exploring some options here, this might be a medium-term item.


If the timeline does not match, you can maybe check if pivoting in rules can solve your use-case. 

@sai_ram  Pivot Rules also do not support multiselect dropdown fields as a pivot or group by field

@sai_ram any update on this? Multiselect dropdown fields are great for capturing certain types of data but are the bane of my existence for reporting.

Another vote for this issue. Would love to see some options for Multi-select in reporting. A pie chart with any mult-selects appearing in “Multiple” slice would work! 

Also upvoting this feature request! We have a similar use-case as the original poster. We want to know what issues are outstanding when an account (company) moves from onboarding to CS, so we have a multi-select of a handful of options for the CSM to select what was not completed or was an issue during onboarding. We don’t have a good way of aggregating the results, since we used a multi-select. How do we identify trends or problem areas easily without being able to count how many times each option was selected across hundreds of customers?

Blast from the past this thread. @rakesh if you could pl take a look during your day.

I’m sure if the solution is implemented it would be applied to similar report types equally, but we would like to leverage the Packed Bubble report type for this. Crossing our fingers for something soon!

Adding my voice to the demand for this. Surprised it’s been open so long for something that seems a fairly fundamental reporting capability tbh!