Reporting on JO Programs that Create/Update CTAs etc

I know that once a CTA is created, it’s technically possible to tell that it was created via a JO program. 


What I am after is some way to filter JO programs so I can easily tell if one is creating a CTA, calling the API or whatever other ‘action’ besides sending out an email is being done. Just like how in Rules engine you can filter by action type to see which rules are generating CTAs. 

Currently, just like with dependencies, when it comes to JO you have to go through everything manually and really is not admin friendly.


Renaming programs and/or putting them in folders based on what they do as a workaround is janky at best, and may conflict with other naming/folder conventions you have in place that are more relevant. 

Please and thank you.

+1 And to add to this, being able to report on the CTAs that were created by the Program would be wicked helpful!  We’re in a similar boat with auditing our Programs and CTAs created by those Programs.