Reporting / Analytics feels like it needs an overhaul

These are the concerns I've been sharing with the PX team for a while now, figured I would share here as well as there are likely others with similar or tangential challenges.  Feel free to share your thoughts here.


Reporting Limitations

  • Have to go to 3-4 different sections of the reporting interface to get an answer or create a report.
  • There are substantial UI inconsistencies between the different areas of reporting.  It’s like they were built individually by different teams and patched together.
  • Some filters exist in parts of the reporting, while they don't exist in others.  Again, just more inconsistencies.  For example, I’m in one part of analytics and get close to what I need using a filter.  I think to myself, “oooh, I could go over to that other part of analytics and use the same filter and get what I’m looking for” only to find I can’t use that filter over there.
  • Saving or sharing is handled in 3-4 completely different ways, depending on the part of reporting you're in.
  • Query builder is limited to returning 10 results.  If we’re truly building queries here, I feel like there should be much more flexibility and accessibility.
  • It appears to be providing “analytics" but not “insights”.  It’s tough to make the leap from one to the other, but there’s too much valuable data in there to not be providing some level of both.
  • Generally speaking, reporting feels a little immature and clunky at times.  It’s becoming more of a concern for us and I hope the PX team takes a long serious look at it.

Thanks for listening!

@alb Thanks for your inputs, redirecting to our product team for more visibility. 

Thank you @alb for very valuable input. PX’s 2020 roadmap has high focus on usability enhancements and analytics insights themes