Report on who closed CTA / Task

GS allows reporting on what closed a CTA, who modified it last, who it was assigned to but not who changed the status of the CTA.

I would like to report the user who changes the CTA status 
Hi Kyle,

I haven't tried this myself, but what about turning on Salesforce History Tracking for the Status field on the CTA object?
+1 to this request, that's a much needed reporting feature!
This aligns with one of my top requests for Gainsight: especially since you're limited to 20 SF fields per object on which you can track history. 
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Change Management log to identify what changes have been made and by whom.

As our organization increases adoption of the tool and we have multiple operations team members working inside of Gainsight, there needs to be a mechanism for tracking changes that were made and by whom - both at the administration level and the user level.  As of now any changes have to be tracked manually - if at all.

A nice addition to this would be the ability to receive a daily or weekly digest of all administrative changes that occurred.
Hi All, This is not in our road-map. I am redirecting this to our Product team. 

Thanks for posting 
Sai I see you merged my change management idea into this one. I want to make sure it’s well understood by your product team that the original idea goes far beyond just CTAs and tasks. It’s about tracking changes not only by end users but changes at the admin level as well. So it really is a broader ask than this idea into which you merged it.
Agreed, any change that is made within the Gainsight system should be logged, it should show who did it, the date it was modified and ability to revert back. There should also be reporting capabilities to show the change logs, this is not just "closing CTAs & Tasks"
I'm going to echo what has been said above.  We really need to be able to track changes both at an admin level and a user level. 
I will add that I am stunned this isn’t already in the product roadmap.  When I attended the customer advisory meeting that aligned with Pulse 2015, I brought this up as a core need and virtually every other customer in the room agreed.  I appreciate you raising this because it really is a necessary and long overdue item.
Since the full Change Management log idea was merged into this post, I recreated a new idea for it:

Please feel free to go like/comment. 🙂
+1 - This ties back into Jeff's request (link above in comments).
Our CSMs would also like to see this field on the CTA itself. It is useful for the CSM to know who closed the CTA while they were on leave of absense, for example.

This is an active request for the athenahealth team.  Any updates on having a closed by field for call to action?

@angela_domenichelli We have a “modified by” field for call to action. Does that solve your usecase?

@angela_domenichelli We have a “modified by” field for call to action. Does that solve your usecase?

That is what we are currently using, and is likely the person who closed the CTA, but is not specific to who closed it.  These are the scenarios where modified by does not meet our use case:

  1. Person A could close the CTA, then person B could modify it - for example, change the reason for reporting purposes.  The last modified person is Person B, but Person A closed the CTA. 
  2. If we run any automation after a CTA is closed, the last modified is System Administrator even though an individual closed the CTA.
  3. We cannot run reports with both open and closed CTAs and display a closed by field that would be null on open CTAs.  We always need to develop 2 reports in this situation, filtered on Open and Closed CTAs.

@angela_domenichelli Understand your usecase. Thanks for the detailed information.