Report on timeline notes for @mention users

I’d like to create a report that shows @mentions for specific executive users. The Activity Timeline MDA object will not allow filtering by notes field. This should be a relatively straightforward report where Notes contains @username. Any workaround I’m overlooking?  Any reason why report builder will not allow this query?

@sierra_evans Filtering on a rich text field is a very heavy operation and will impact the performance of the report, that is why we have restricted that operation. You can still search for Mentioned name in the quick search in tabular report

@sierra_evans did you get a chance to view the comments posted by @nitisha_rathi ?

@nitisha_rathi the inability to filter on rich text fields in Report Builder or Rules Engine is a big pain point and part of the reason we’re shifting a large percentage of our reporting to Domo. The global Timeline search updates have been great but our users can’t do anything with them (export, etc).