Report Drill Down Templates

Imagine this…

You build an awesome looking report with visualization (i.e. anything but Table or Mass Edit). 

You click into any of the components in order to add details for the drilldown. 

You click some button and select “Drilldown Template”. 

Suddenly, like magic, all your standard columns such as Company Name, Health Score, CSM, Account Owner, MRR, etc all appear. 


I would think this would need to be templatized by object, i.e. a Company-based report would have its own templates; perhaps lookups would work, such as Company-based drilldown templates would be available on a Success Plan-based report since there is a Company lookup. 


But man oh man would this be a GAMECHANGER for report building and standardization. SO MUCH time would be saved.

End Proctoring-

@gunjanm completely GAMECHANGER and time saver.

@gunjanm great idea. @sai_ram Could we extend this request to Data Designer reports as well? Would be helpful for testing new report and data merge deployments if we could see our templates in that space before they go “live” and realize they don’t work, or have to spend time rebuilding them in DD all the time.

Nice idea indeed.

Exploring further, how about we save a drill-down report template per object? Is it usually the same fields for the same objects you use in the drilldown? 

@rakesh Not always - people love their reporting slicing and dicing.

+1, this would be a huge time saver for us. 

@gunjanm - you are great. We would be more than happy to have this feature.