Report column ordering

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I've created a health score column chart by CSM, the colors are ordered from yellow, red, orange, lime, green instead of being ranked from red to green. I think we need the ability to adjust the ordinal scale in charts.
Hi Chuen,

This is because the labels are being sorted alphabetically. One way to mitigate that is to change your labels with a numerical prefix:

1 - Green

2 - Lime

3 - Yellow

4 - Orange

5 - Red

This will allow proper sorting in ROYLG order
We are seeing this issue with creating a report off of NPS response too.  Currently we see Promoter at the bottom, Passive in the middle, and Detractor on top.  It would be very helpful if you could click and drag to re-order these for Promoter to be on top.
We have already taken issue in to consideration, fixing this as part of 17'Winter release.

Fix will be all the legends should be in sorting order.
Just checking to see if the ability to reorder color/layout is actually coming out this month.
Yes, any update on the ability for us to define the label order rather than alphabetical/numerical?
I would also appreciate this. I have scenarios where the labels are written as things like "1-6 months" ,"6-12 months", "12+ months" and the "12+ months" ends up in the middle instead of the end. Being able to manually order the labels would make my graphs much simpler to read.