Reorder dashboard filters

It would be great to have the ability to reorder the global filters on dashboard. 

Use case:

I currently have a dashboard for our CSMs to see their portfolio/book of business. Right now there are three filters. I am going to create a new filter and delete the second filter (“account owner team”), but I want to put the new filter in the location the old filter was. Right now I am not able to drag and drop or move it into the new position, the only way to put the new filter in the 2nd spot is to delete the 3rd filter as well, then add it back. This is time-consuming because I have to re-add all of the reports.

If there is a better way to do this I would love to know! But if not, it would be a great enhancement.

Hi @cankney  

This is a great idea. I’ll follow this with the team to see if we can reorder Global Filters in a dashboard. 

+1000 As an avid Global Filter-er, it would be soo much easier to drag global filters on a dashboard to their proper location/sequence than to have to delete and re-create them.  Especially if you use these filters on all 20 of your allowed reports.  

This would be a HUGE time-saver for Admins.

@keith_mattes and @cankney This is added to our product road-map, changing the status accordingly.

This seems like such a small thing, but it makes a big difference. One of the reasons that this is particularly annoying for me is that we have some dashboards that are built on many of the same underlying reports with locked global filters to differentiate by products and differnt type offerings. I built it so that it would be editable filters followed by locked filters, but now when new filters are requested it goes editable filters, locked filters, more editable filters. The team finds the UI confusing and it pains me because it seems like I should just be able to drag and drop those filters into a new order but I can’t. Rebuilding them is not sustainable because we’re talking about lots of filters on each dashboard

Horizon is here and we still need this! How’s it going Gainsight? @sai_ram is there an ETA on this one? Thanks Team!

Hi All,

We have implemented this in Horizon Analytics. You can see it in the 3 dots beside Global Filter strip