Renewal Center Features in GS Home

You can currently add some Renewal Center reports and features to Gainsight Home which is nice. However, when you drill down to the list of opportunities from whatever RC thing you clicked on, if you try and click on one of those individual opportunities to ‘work on it’ nothing happens. This is NOT the experience elsewhere in the product. Not having it work in GS home seems largely antithetical to its purpose.

Hi @bradleymcg 

Thank you for bringing this up, we do plan to pick this and few other enhancements around bringing more of Renewal Center as part of GS Home soon. Will keep you posted on the updates.


Hi @bradleymcg 

We are bringing support for RC Forecast as a widget in GS Home with April 2022 release. This widget will allow you to manage opportunities without leaving GS Home. Keep an eye for our next release. 

Thank you!