Rename standard Timeline activity types

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The four standard activity types -- "Update", "Meeting", "Email", and "Call" are very limited in how they can be edited.

We do not want to use the "Call" activity, because I actually have three different custom call types that I've created, and this one can't be renamed. Therefore, I've deactivated "Call". However, it still counts towards my limit of 10 Activity types.

I would like to change "Meeting" to "In-Person Meeting". We meet in person with our customers rarely, so I'm concerned that CSMs will think that "Meeting" is actually a Activity type they could use for generic/miscellaneous calls.

"Email" cannot even be deactivated. We do not want our CSMs to be tracking their emails in Timeline. If they have something substantial, they can log it as an "Update". However, this still counts towards my limit of 10 Activity types.
+1.  We ran into the same issue.  They are also still showing up in the Select Type filter on Timeline itself.
Hit this today too.

When I hit the 10 options limitation at the 'configure for Global' level, I was able to add an 11th option at at the 'configure for Account' level. Hacky, but it gets the job done.

We have also deactivated call, meeting and update as they are not specific enough.
Great point, though we don't have Relationships set up, so I don't have the Account/Relationship picker 

Thanks for the post. We will improve this behavior soon.


Hey Seth, out of curiosity, are you using Email Assist in Cockpit yet? If so, are you synchronizing those Email Assists to Timeline?
+1 this would be a great enhancement and would allow more accurate tracking of activities!
Hi Dan,

We were using Email Assist for the post-implementation survey, but have switched to having out Implementation Manager send them directly/personally. It's possible we'll start to use it again in the future, but my guess in that most Email Assist emails won't be considered impactful enough that we would want to sync them to Timeline.

Agreed that this would be a great enhancement!  We too would like update "log a meeting" to "log an ONSITE meeting."  This would allow CSMs to be more consistent when logging activities.

This would be a great addition to have !!