Rename "Republish Now" to "Save" on JO when editing an active program. Very confusing

“republish now” makes it seem like if I hit the button, that the program will go look to add new participants and run source queries, but really the action is just “save” the changes on the email template. I think the button should say “save” to be more clear

I agree with this sentiment. I have had Admins very hesitant to hit this button because they are afraid it will re-deploy the program. 

I’d echo this….I always double check everything before clicking that scary button!

+1 definitely could use a wording update. 

Agree with comments above

This wording needs to be updated to reflect what the user should do. It’s not correct the way it is written, and is sloppy programming. 

I agree wholeheartedly that this button should be renamed. I am still hesitant to press it!

I didn’t know what this button means, so I came here to find out. Please rename it.

had to test out program functionality in sandbox to ensure that my Paused program that I needed to make a small config change to wouldn’t turn back to “Active” once I clicked “Republish” to save the change….(it doesn’t)….so, def want this button changed to Saved!