Removing Auto "0" Response on Inline Survey

When sending an inline NPS survey, a “0” was marked as the response even though the user never answered the survey question. Is there a way to remove the score or prevent the server from automatically selecting “0” as response? Or is there a way to check if the response is from the user or was automatically done?

@gschardan we will definitely look into this. Thank you for sharing this here. 

Hi @gschardan - can you share more details about this scenario, ie, when it occurred, any ticket ID etc? We would like to investigate the root cause of this occurring further.

FYI @sekhar_dutta @abhilesh_khatri 

Yes, the ticket is #149310. They had a response that was marked as “0” by default as the user didn’t select anything. This occurred in May 2021and we believe it was caused by the email server checking for “phishing” emails. We suggested putting a link in the email before the survey so the server would click the link instead of “0.” If possible, adding the option of N/A before the “0” would hopefully prevent the scores from being affected. Let me know if you have any other questions

FYI @sekhar_dutta @abhilesh_khatri 

We used to get such issues in the past and that’s why partial save for inline survey click was ignored. After a long time (perhaps more than 2.5 years now) we got such an incident reported.

Unfortunately, in this case it was reported back in 21’May, that closes the troubleshooting gates as of today.

Probable Next Steps:

  • If the incident occurs again, bring it to engineering’s visibility, before it is too late. 
  • Enquire with the local IT or the infra on the Email click events for email with specific subject or Message Id. We need to grab the source details here (which Ip, what location, does it belongs to a firmware or a PC or a digital gadget).