Remove NPS Responses from C360 'Survey' Panel

The Survey panel in the C360 has two tabs, “NPS Responses” and “Survey Responses”. I’d like to disable the “NPS Responses” tab as it is not applicable.

@harriseilenberg Thanks for posting it here! I will check out the workaround, but could you please brief us on the use-case you are trying to achieve?

@sai_ram we currently host an NPS survey on an external tool, store the results in SFDC and have created a custom report section on the C360 to display the responses. Because of this the “NPS Responses” within the Survey section is always blank and can be deceiving to CSM’s if they see zero responses within this tab.

Hi @harriseilenberg,

We do have the option of loading external NPS responses via CSV both in Survey 1.0 as well as Survey 2.0. This could perhaps help you get the same stats without having the need to mask / hide the NPS Responses tab from C360. 

You need to ensure that are you able to generate the CSV holding the NPS responses from the external tool. 

@harriseilenberg did you get a chance to view the comments by our team?

@harriseilenberg Please let us know if you still have any queries here.

Hi @sai_ram,

Thank you for following up. I saw the response, however, it doesn’t quite provide us with the result we are looking for. We run a slightly modified “NPS” survey - more CSAT / Feedback, and capture additional questions/responses.