Remove Inactive Users from Search

I have often come across a Use Case where duplicate Users show up in search while applying filters in Dashboards or selecting names for some dropdown fields. This is because we get to see inactive users as well. Can we have roadmap/workaround to avoid ambiguity in such cases?

+1. yes, recently I also faced the same issue.

Hi Team, 

Do we have any ETA for this enhancement? Other product areas like cockpit is also affected while assigning CTA in terms of duplicate users. 




Hi, adding my vote too in here. We are also facing this issue in dashboard filters where we see all users even if they have inactivated (shows Inactive status in GS user management). If a user has 1 Full License and 3 Inactive ones, which we try to separate by appending with Inactive, we see all 4 users show when we try to select them in Other User in any of the dashboard filters. They do have the 3 greyed out but they still can be selected by the users. Is there a way to show just the 1 Full license user show up?


Reaching back on this post to know if there has been anything planned for Removing Inactive users. This is turning out to be a bigger problem in our org and we would like to know a plan if this is being considered.