Remove Email Inbound Configuration when user is inactivated

Right now the the Email Inbound Configuration is separate from the user management. It would nice that if you inactivate a user from user management, it would also remove the user from Inbound Email Configuration

@sai_ram Looks like its not related to user mgmt.

@uday  it is currently not related to user management, but I believe it should be tied to user management. If I inactivate a user in user management, they can still have access in the email configuration to BCC to timeline. I think that if you inactivate a user in user management, it should automatically communicate to email configuration so that the user is also removed from the BCC email access.

Right now, this is disjointed and as an admin easy to miss the second step of removing the BCC email configuration setup. It is also not clear in the documentation that to truly remove someone, you need to do so in both places

@andreammelde Acknowledged. We will look into it. FYI - @soumitrasahu