Relationship Timeline & Customer Timeline

Thinking about how to use the Relationship Timeline and the Customer Timeline. As the GA, I would love:

  1. The option to roll the Timeline activities from the Relationship to the Customer Timeline and show which Relationship it is from.  
  2. The ability to determine who can see the Customer Timeline--just as you can customize C360 views. 
  3. To make Timeline entries read only; create, edit, or delete their own entries; or modify all permissions at the Customer level.
  4. To go a step further, possibly add the ability to create a Timeline event at the Customer-level and--as with Relationships in Cockpit--add the Relationship it should be tied to.
Hi Renee,

Thanks for the post.

1. Do you think this will increase noise in customer timeline? What level of control would you need to roll up relationship data to customer timeline.

2. Do you want to put restrictions of what data should be visible to which user? If yes, then this is in our long term roadmap

3. Makes sense. Once we have attachments, would same permission be applicable for attachments too or will attachments and notes have different permission sets.

4. We will look into it.


Hi Nitisha,

1. No, I do not think that this will increase noise on the timeline.  While the CSMs should use the Relationship 360, I don't want our leadership to have to go to each Relationship to see the timeline notes.  It would be great if they could view one area, such as the Customer timeline.  We roll up CTAs to the Customer cockpit, don't we?  Why not the Timeline. Again, I would not want this to be universal across Gainsight--as the removal of the objective CTAs from the C360 cockpit where in the last release (and hopefully will be fixed soon).  We as GS Admins should have the option to choose. :)

2. Yes, I want CSMs that handle customers at the Relationship level to see and use the R360 Timeline.  I have a few unique international CSMs that I would want the ability to see both, however that is where #4 comes into play.  Here they could easily add a timeline entry and tag it to the appropriate Relationship 360 Timeline from the C360 Timeline.

3. As for attachments, I think they are a great idea, BUT they should have the option to be visible as an attachment to the task in SFDC, where the SFDC permissions for that account would then come into play for non-Gainsight users.


I think this is a great idea and one that our leadership is also asking for as we push our CSMs into Relationships for more discrete tracking of customer health against the different products we sell.
For #1, Totally agree.  It can also create a challenging user experience for a CSM managing multiple Relationships within a Customer to have to click into each relevant R360 to find updates. If there was the option for Relationship360 Timeline updates to roll up to the C360, this would be much easier.

A multi-select filtering option on the C360 Timeline (similar to the current Activity type filter) for visibility into Relationship-level Timeline entries could be really cool. 
We are exploring the use of Relationships as well and #1 is currently a cause for hesitation as well. It is too complex for them to have to navigate to the proper relationship to find any notes. Often our customer conversations can be across multiple relationships so there is a need to log information in both places.
Big +1 on #1 here. Not an ideal experience for CSMs to have to navigate to and from different relationships to get a full picture of the timeline activity for a given customer. Particularly for Relationship CTAs that have email assist emails logged in the R360 timeline.   

Also seconding "A multi-select filtering option on the C360 Timeline (similar to the current Activity type filter) for visibility into Relationship-level Timeline entries could be really cool." This could serve as a big help in filtering potential noise on the C360 timeline for customers with plenty of relationships. 

Would you prefer rolling up all relationship activities automatically in customer timeline or would it help if we give a configuration per activity type e.g. automatically roll-up all activities of type 'Meeting' but not of type 'Training'.


Is making it more dynamic an option, possibly?   From Dillon's post above, perhaps:

-Account-level Timeline - Dropdown of relationship types - select 1 or more to refresh and add activities from that type, 

-Relationship-level Timeline - a checkbox at the top for "Show Account Activities" to refresh and display the Account-level activities?

Jump in if you have an opinion either way, others on this thread!
The configuration for Account and Relationship timelines as you've described above would work great for our use case, Scott! 

The only bit that I'd add is for the Account-level Dropdown, I would prefer if the list were a list of all relationships on the account v. relationship types. We have a segment of customers in our instance that have multiple relationships of the same type, and I could see a scenario where CSMs would want to select some of those customers and not others. 

Nonetheless, having a rollup of relationship timelines to an account timeline would be a big win!
Ditto Pele's comment in regards to individual relationships vs relationship types.  We actually just switched from 15 types to 1  because of the amount of duplication we were doing for all 15, so all our relationship are of the same type.
To your post that stated "Would you prefer rolling up all relationship activities automatically in customer timeline or would it help if we give a configuration per activity type e.g. automatically roll-up all activities of type 'Meeting' but not of type 'Training'."  

I would prefer the option be given to Gainsight Admins.  Maybe they want to roll-up everything or maybe they only want to roll up certain types. Providing a way to select all types instead having to individually select each one would be nice as I would want all types to roll-up to the Customer Timeline.  

Then providing a way to filter by Relationship and by Type would be great.  Maybe you could include a filter Timeline activities created by (current user/other user).

Has there been thought given to being able to add a Relationship activity from the Customer Timeline?  Having a Relationship Type field as the CTAs do in Cockpit?
I second all of these ideas wholeheartedly. This is, in my opinion, a necessary function for Timelines. Give the option to disable if there are concerns of noise levels, but there needs to be a full Timeline rollup somewhere.
Is there any sort of timeline on any of the items discussed in this thread?  Items 1 and 4 in the original post would be huge for us.

These additions would be FANTASTIC on the timeline!! Being able to filter the Relationships on the C360 timeline would help it so it's not so "crowded." Having the ability to Log something on multiple Relationships at once would be nice as well
I was surprised that this wasn't part of the global timeline rollout in this latest release! From that tab I can filter to an account and see all the activity across relationships... but when I go to the c360 it's blank!

Obviously a bad assumption on my part... worse that I might have told the team "oh this is coming, log at the relationship and it's going to be amazing!" So... uh... when can I expect to look less silly? 🙂
Hi Jeffrey,

I agree that delivering it seems to be obvious. We intentionally hold it back because currently, we are not honoring permissions in Timeline and rolling-up all relationship activities to C360 might have caused permission issues for few customers. We are working on implementing the permissions and as soon as we do it, relationship activities will be available in C360 .

I will keep you updated on the ETA.


Could the rules engine be configured to duplicate relationship level timeline entries to customer level?
Is there any update on this. Rolling relationship activities to Customer timeline is critical for us. Our Sales team only have access to gainsight through SFDC and therefore do not have access to the "Global Timeline". They would also like to have similar filter capabilities in the Customer Timeline as in the Global Timeline.
this is a must have.  to have to go to multiple places to look at timeline activities is not a good use of time.  also how does sally/slack play into this?  do you have ask sally for both account activities AND relationship activities?  many things will be missed if the activities from the R360 do not roll up to the C360.  As someone else said - we do that for CTAs so why not timeline?

We are just about to rollout relationships so I am glad I tested and found out that it does not roll up at this time so I can advise appropriately.

I think this is related to #4- it would be great to be able to add the relationship to a timeline update the same way you add an account. It’s a weird flow to have to navigate to the specific relationship and then to its timeline, rather than being able to post in the global timeline tab