Related List Actions and Visualforce

Related Lists are a great way to see filtered data, for example, to see filtered Contacts that are important to CS and/or Sales.  View and Edit buttons appear for these records as actions that can be taken, and the Edit button in particular sends them to a record edit page as though they had pressed the edit button on the salesforce record.

What I'd love to do is point the Edit button to a Visualforce page that limits the record edit to the fields that are shown on the related list.  I get that this would require us to develop the VF, but if I could point the action to custom VisualForce, it would be a dream come true.  Salesforce allows you to do this on a standard or custom button but without changing it for everybody else in my org it would be the best if I could assign the visualforce page to the edit on that specific related list or associate it with that specific report even, in order to streamline the edit experience.
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