Refresh Google Big Query Views/Fields Without Requiring Connector Re-Authorization

Hi Team!


It seems that the current state of the Google Big Query requires that the connector to be re-authorized in order to refresh the views and fields available to the connector. This is not ideal as it makes changing and validating the ingestion of data into Gainsight very cumbersome and manual.


The idea is that going forward it would be great if refreshing the available views/fields was automatic like with other connectors.





This should definitely be considered a bug. The authorization token already gives the connector the rights to query the tables. There’s no need to request a new token to refresh the tables.


Furthermore, this is very disruptive as an authorized admin needs to go the extra length to authenticate as the service account authorized for this job. Doing that on a prod environment just to refresh a schema is just not what any respectable organization expects to do.

@wscupham , thank you for raising this request. We have acknowledged this issue and will plan to fix it soon. We will keep you posted on the release date

Hi Folks, any update on this? Increasingly seeing this for other customers that are using BigQuery. 



It’s a pain to reauthorize every time for once big query table is updated. And reauthorizing is not working every time

We are just now starting to explore the conversion of our current integration strategy to Big Query.  This issue definitely makes me a bit nervous about the change.  I would agree that this is a bug in my mind.  I would be concerned about developers not being aware of new fields or changes to fields and have it cause issues.  

Any update here?  

I haven’t received any update from GS regarding this issue. We’re still required to re-authorize the connector to retrieve the updated schema.