Reduce number of clicks to map a token in JO email template

This is a small request that would make a big impact on user experience. In the Email Step of a JO program, you map your placeholder tokens.

When you map tokens in a program, you first have to hover your mouse over the token to make the mapping icon appear, and then you have to move your mouse just slightly to the right to click on the mapping icon. If you move the mouse too far, the mapping icon disappears. If you just click on the placeholder, nothing happens because you have to click on the mapping icon.

Imagine having a large email journey, with several email steps, and each email step has multiple versions. That could be HUNDREDS of tokens that need to be mapped. 


Ideally, I should be able to just click on the placeholder token and have it bring up my fields. The extra time it takes to hover, move, click, adds up!


I ran into an issue related to this where if the tokens were too close together it was almost impossible to click just right to map them. 

I’ve run into this issue a number of times as well. Sometimes the only way for me to be able to actually map the token successfully is to edit the template so that the tokens needing mapping are somewhere in the middle of the template. For some reason when they’re on or close to the edge of the template, it’s impossible to map them!