Recurring CTA Reporting

Hey all,

As we know, when reporting on Recurring CTAs, we have a filter on the Call to Action object called "IsRecurring" that identifies a CTA that has been set as a recurring CTA.

That being said, all CTAs that are recurrent from that initial CTA show up in reporting as "IsRecurring=False".

I understand that it is expected that the only CTA that would be marked "IsRecurring=True" would be the initial "parent" CTA, however it is difficult to tell which CTAs are the children of the recurring CTA when trying to report on them.

Specifically, I have a user that would like to report on manually created or rule generated CTAs, and these recurring CTAs fall into neither of those categories.

It would be nice if we had a way to identify the recurrent CTAs outside of filtering for CTAs created by Gainsight API.


I think there are two things you are asking for in this post.

The first is seeing the parent details/name. Which is not available. There is a parent CTA field. But, that is not viewable from the CTA object nor from a dataspace.

However, the second part you are asking for is if it manual or rule created is. There is a field on the Call To Action object called source. This field denotes Manually created or Rule created. Screen Shot below.

We talked about this off line.

My original solution does not solve for this use case.

The issue is there are only two source types. Rules Generated and Manual. 

However, when you check the reoccurring CTA option is lists the source as Manual for the CTAs that are created after the original. When in fact it is a system generated CTA.

I think the product enhancement request here would be if a CTA is generated through the reoccurring option the source should be "Reoccurring". So, now there would be three source types. I think we should also expand on this. If the option of generating a close loop CTA by way of Surveys we should also mark that CTA source as Survey. 

This would give better slicing of the data.

Back to the original request. Exposing the parent CTA field would give the ability to filter on if a manual CTA has a parent. If it has a parent then this CTA was generated by the reoccurring box.

While we are not able to use this field directly in a report if we create a formula field on the CTA object and then reference the CTA parent field in that formula field we can then utilize the formula field as a filter. Formula CTA Parent field = null and source = manual means that the CTA was generated by a user and not by reoccurring.

This solution is theory as of right now. Tom will confirm if it is sound and works as it needs to be confirmed that the parent CTA field is only used for reoccurring.
Very creative solution, Wayne. I'm impressed with the thorough detail that you put into your thought process!
I like the idea of adding "recurring" and "survey" as sources.  I think that would accomplish what I am looking to do!
Hi Wayne,

We do have Survey as an Source option and whenever a CTA is created from Survey response it gets populated accordingly. Let me know if you see any issue with that.

Coming to having Other options as Source is a good Idea and we will discuss about it internally. Thanks!