Rearrange Tabs on Knowledge Bot

Idea: Ability to change which one of the tabs in the KC bot shows first.


Use Case: Support ticket deflection - Move the articles tab first before the Feedback tab so users can look at the articles first before submitting a help ticket. 

Tab re-order is possible via the Bot Tab settings. If your configuration is such that you are only using one of the tabs, you can choose to “hide” it for a cleaner interface.


@angelo is there potential to change the order of the types of feedback given within the feedback section? Ie/ “Issue” always pre-populates at the start and sets the tone of a complaint over the more positive suggestions of Feature Request or General. Thanks. 

@asiatillotson There are 2 things that we are doing in the next release. Capability to add custom Feedback categories in the KCBot. We will follow it up with adding capability to set order also for the categories selected.

Thanks for the feedback