Re-ordering of Action Groups in rule engine

Hi Team, 

One of my customer is build a rule with multiple tasks and they have linked each task with group of actions and each group has multiple actions in it. Currently we can re-order the actions in each group. 

Is there any way for me to re-order action groups in the rules engine? Basically they need the group shown at the bottom to run before the other actions that precede it. Currently, users don’t have any way to do it and they deleting the action and re-creating it again. 




@hardik_mota Thanks for posting it here! Even I am interested to know if there is a workaround.

@tulasi_andukuri , @veera and @swaroop_badam do you suggest any workaround or this should be a enhancement request? 


Hi @hardik_mota 

Order of actions in Rules Engine does not guarantee sequence of execution. In fact one of the performance enhancements that we are thinking of is parallel execution of actions. I do not think this is aligned to the expectation here.


Is it possible to add some details around What the rule is doing, what is the overall process and what is the exact need for re-ordering of actions?

@hardik_mota could you please add more details here.

@hardik_mota need your inputs here.