Re-Order CTA Reason Values

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We would like to be able to re-order the list of reason values that our users select from when creating or editing a CTA.  At present, they appear to be in chronological order.  Ideally, we would be able to put them in whatever order we choose.  However, having them listed in alpha order would be a step in the right direction.
We'd also like to hide reasons that we don't want users to manually select.  For example, if a reason should only be used for a certain type of CTA that is created automatically via Rules Engine.
Hi Sara,

It's possible to control the display order from where you configure these reasons (Administration --> Cockpit Configuration --> Call to Action Reason). However, we don't have the functionality yet to selectively hide certain reason codes. We're looking into whether or not it makes sense to have these reasons be at the type level, which could address your use case.

Manu, this is cumbersome.  If I want to make a change and add another item in the middle of the display order, I have to go through and manually change every subsequent reason order.   Give us the ability to either propagate the change "Do you want to adjust the display order of the rest of the Reasons?"  Or give us the ability to set an order type - i.e. alphabetical, numerical, chronological, etc.  I spent the better part of an hour reordering our reasons today.
Totally with you on this, Jeff. We are looking into supporting drag-and-drop display order as part of the upcoming UI overhaul.
Same issue. We have over a dozen or CTA reasons and when the CTA is created manually, the process of finding the correct reason is cumbersome. This process could be made much easier if sorting was alphabetical by default or if we had a search window on top of the CTA reason list when creating one manually.