PX: Zendesk Direct Integration: Creating Tickets in ZD via KC Bot Feedback

Hey Folks,


We have implemented the creation of Zendesk tickets via PX via:


Admin > Engagement > Feedback > Created Category with Zendesk Request enabled.


This successfully allows end users to create tickets to the Support team; however, I feel that this could be greatly improved with literally the changing of words.


When a ticket is submitted, the wording ‘Thank you for your feedback’ is shown to the end user; I get that the feature was initially introduced to provide feedback, however it is now also an integrated route for creating Zendesk tickets, and in this scenario it’s not a great UX to see ‘feedback’ when actually you’re wanting help.


An improvement would be to allow for the wording to be changeable by the PX admin, or changed to something generic that would make sense for scenarios of both providing feedback or a support ticket.


If there’s a known solution either to change this wording, or another solution available to allow ZD tickets to be created using KC bot/engagement without requiring additional scripts/JS functions to be added to the application, I’d love to hear them folks!  Does anyone else have a sweet UX of ZD ticketing in PX, and how did you implement it?



Hi @Stuart,


We are working on the enhancement for the wordings to be configurable.