PX Engagement Design - Ability for engagements (KCB and otherwise) to honor thematic UI changes

Our portfolio products all have a dark theme and a light theme, and we were hoping PX is working on a way to notice the theme the user has selected, and thus allows us to use audience rules on the KCB and/or engagements to display an appropriate experience. Is this on the roadmap or being discussed in any way?

Thanks for posting @cjacksonfe!  This seems like a good use case for implementing our currently available Global Context API options, which can be used within Audience Logic in both PX Engagements and our Knowledge Center Bot. 


Some sample, since JavaScript code that your developers could consider adding to your application(s) would be as follows:


// Setting Global Context (Update a property)
aptrinsic('set', 'globalContext', {"theme":”dark”});

… OR …

aptrinsic('set', 'globalContext', {"theme":”light”});