PX: Allow users to clear engagement data during testing

When we test engagements, we often use our email address in Engagements > Users, to target it to ourselves or a few colleagues and then launch it. With engagements that will appear only one time, this means when the engagement is finalized, or modified and re-tested, the same user is unable to view the engagement again. These views by internal users are also counted toward the overall views.

It would be helpful if we had an option to clear the engagement views data, for use during testing.

And this is probably a separate issue, but the Preview option does not necessarily represent exactly how the engagement will appear in the app. I've seen engagements appear much larger with larger font, for example, in the Preview mode, than when we actually launch or view the guide in the app.

I'd add another lot to the importance of all previewing functionality. But I'd love for it to be more of the integrated/default/primary build mode.

The underlying app (each PX customers' app) is the most important context. It's inneffectual for me to build anything outside of that context--this leaves me trying to straddle multiple build modes.

Thanks for your feedback @lila_meyer , appreciate it!

As for being able to re-test "only once" type of prod-ready engagements, you could try the following to clear your cookies and re-trigger the engagement:

Right click on the webapp> Inspect Elements> Network> Applications> Cookies> Aptrinsic cooked> Searc for 'sid' in the filter and clear it.

Looping in @ciarapeter for the feedback on Product!

Hi @mikewohlwend , thanks for your feedback.

If I understand you correctly, we do have in-app engagement creation/editing. We can go over it in our call tomorrow and see if that's what you are looking for or better understand your need.

Thanks for your active participation on this forum, we very much appreciate it!

You are right, @harshibanka , we have it, but it's a separate mode (we have three build modes: in PX, in app, and in app preview mode. If you count looking at is how it actually appears live, to Lila's point, that effectively introduces a fourth "mode" we need to "work" in).

The app context is so fundamental, I mean to argue for it's inclusion in the primary mode so you are in the most important place initially.

I'd root for that prioritizing of the in app mode, or for any unifying of the modes in general so you don't have to bounce between modes as much.