PX: Add Location or Page to Engagements List View

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To provide better visibility into potential engagement conflicts, it'd be helpful if the Engagements List View included the engagement's location and/or page that it's targeted to. Right now, I have to click into the individual engagements to see the location in the app that the engagement will appear.

@ciarapeter / @mickey

Hi @lila_meyer / @mickey / @ciarapeter

How about adding the product name to identify the engagement that belong to?

Here i have multiple enagement that are built for various products, tough for me to identify

@harshibanka your thoughts please


Dileep Nalla

Yes, that's a good point. We need to start the engagement name with CS, PX, etc. to help distinguish them.

Hi Lila,

To know the targeted launch page of an engagement easily , we can use the following work around:

We can include a phrase about the targeted page in the engagement Desription, so that it is easily visible on the engagement list view.



I think this is still needed because users aren’t regularly using the description area to identify the engagement location.